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A classic contemporary 3 bedroom private residence

Our client dreamt of a home full of golds, creams and pale pink hues. We successfully created this whilst teaming up with Neptune pieces which complete this dreamy concept.


We worked closely with the client, from concept to completion, to deliver a unique home which brings together the very best of contemporary and classic style. 


We bought a 3 floor house with a garden in Cherrywood Lane and Jane helped us to redecorate it from scratch. She redesigned two bathrooms, a big kitchen, helped with the coluor schemes for the wall papers and paint, curtains, carpets and furniture for the whole property. Jane works very hard and was always there giving advice, working with builders and having all the project going forward. She is a brilliant professional interior designer and the result of all her work is remarkable.


Irina and Louis Sanchez de Lozada.     

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