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Custom Bowls

Jane also creates custom candle bowls. Whether it be your own bowl /container you would like refilled or a bowl made into a candle. Jane can also help with sourcing beautiful bowls and containers.

Price will generally depend on the size of the bowl. You can view the gallery below for inspiration and please feel free to email for more information.

IMG_9387 (1).jpg


" I was so excited to work with Jane on a custom bowl candle. I love her products and it was so special to be able to have something unique made for my home. Jane gave me great advice, from confirming that the bowl I'd chosen was suitable, to advising on the number of wicks - it was such a fun experience. What made it really special was the fact that Jane tailored the blend of essential oils so that the scent of the candle was one of a kind. It looks so gorgeous in my home, I absolutely love it and will definitely use this service again. Thank you so much Jane  "


- Katie Prideaux

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